ShuPro Reiwa Article – AZM

(Photo from Weekly Pro-Wrestling Number 2010)

AZM, who started pro wrestling training in the 3rd year of junior school, debuted in her 5th year of junior school. Now she is in her 2nd year of high school. In Stardom, other than AZM, Starlight Kid (DOB not public), Ruaka, Hanan, Hina, and Rina are all students, but because of school work they mainly train individually. On the other hand, AZM usually fully participates in the group training on weekday afternoons.

Why is AZM the only one of the students who is able to join in the group training? The reason is simple. Because she chose a high school that would let her do it. “When I was in middle school I wanted to go to group training but I couldn’t. I wanted to prioritise pro wrestling however I could, and when I joined Queen’s Quest I wanted to change something, so I arranged to have my high school classes in the morning. On days when there is no group training in the afternoon I go to class too, but when there is training I just go in the morning. So they let me increase the amount of work I do outside of class. I’m going to graduate in three years!”

Currently, AZM boasts of top class speed in Stardom. That speed is made by diligent training. She wrote that her aim is “to be the fastest”. She wants to be the fastest wrestler in Stardom, and to become the High Speed champion.

AZM experienced a lot of the high speed that she aims for in her debut match. She faced Natsuki Taiyo in a singles match (who currently works for Seadlinnng) and was overwhelmed by joshi wrestling’s greatest speed fighter.

“She was so fast I couldn’t keep up with her. I thought that was really cool. Since I debuted as a junior school student, I’ve been criticised lots. Things like “aren’t you making light of pro wrestling.” I’m want to get my own back on them, so in order to do that I want to match Taiyo-san’s high speed, and I’m still sticking with pro wrestling.”

Currently Hazuki holds the High Speed title. She has her own personal title match rules: 1) the challenger needs to have a 6-pack 2) no fat people 3) high speed title matches have to be under 10 minutes, but AZM has a different feeling about the title.

“She said she won’t accept the challenge of any fat people, but wasn’t Yoneyama-san a High Speed champion? Yoneyama is big, but her matches are fast. I think that being champion means that even if your opponent is fat you can make the match fast. Isn’t the idea that “you might be slow but I can make you look fast” cool? And I don’t get why the challenger needs to have a 6-pack. Hazuki-chan doesn’t even have a 6-pack. So I’m going to take the title from her, and I want to show Stardom real high speed.”`

AZM’s catchphrase is “QQ’s high speed bomb girl”. It can be said that she has pride in living up to the name of bomb girl. Stardom and Seadlinnng have absolutely no interaction. Normally they avoid saying the name of people in that promotion, but AZM doesn’t seem bothered about it.

“It’s my own aim, so I don’t think it’s got anything to do with that other stuff. Why shouldn’t I say the name of a person that I admire. I dropped a bomb didn’t I (haha).”

She trains hard, is fast, and is good at promos. Her words in the interview are also powerful. Physically she is still quite small, but that will surely change over time. Stardom in the Reiwa period is surely the time when AZM will become central to the promotion. The day when the bomb girl causes a big explosion is not so far away.

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