ShuPro Reiwa Article – Giulia

(Photo from Weekly Pro-Wrestling Number 2010)

The first joshi wrestling event of the Reiwa period is the Ice Ribbon show on May 1st, and the wrestler who shows off the most “impactful match” is Giulia.

Specifically, in singles matches the amount of energy on display cannot be ignored.  Her career isn’t even a year and a half long. Even so, there is something that causes the people who watch Giulia’s matches to be impressed. What could it be. Her fighting spirit? Her intensity? The fact that she shines like she caught a star? It’s probably her sincerity when it comes to pro wrestling.

“When I am in this world I feel like I live on pro wrestling. Ever since “that match” I’ve thought that.”

That match was one year ago, on May 5th 2018 in Yokohama. It was the second one-on-one match that she had with Tsukasa Fujimoto.

In April of that year, Giulia and Fujimoto had their first singles match, but the result was an instant defeat for Giulia. The match that was finished in just about 39 seconds was a harsh lesson for a promising rookie and her repeated drop kicks. And Giulia cried bitter tears after the match.

The second match came about two weeks later. Giulia hit several, no dozens of dropkicks. “What sort of feelings did I want to express?” “What is the right way to do things?” After losing so quickly, she was deeply troubled. The answer didn’t come to her. But, she displayed her full abilities at that time and in that moment. As a result, the ring was enveloped by cheers and crowd support. That was the moment she realised “I live on pro wrestling.”

Afterwards, many things happened including, to the delight of her support, her first victory, and she was caught up in the chaos of the business with Hideki Suzuki, Tequila Saya, and Shinya Aoki that caused her grief, and she missed time with an injury.

However, Giulia who is naturally sunny and positive, kept moving forward, and when she faced Fujimoto for the third time at the March 17th Chiba show she was able to produce a spirited performance like she was breaking out of her shell. Her matches against Takase Miyuki at the March 31st Korakuen Hall show, and Rina Yamashita at the April 14th show were praised as being the best matches by many people. However, she wasn’t satisfied. “I thought people were saying that I tried hard and had good matches because my debut was a year and a half ago. So I thought I can’t just be happy with that.”

Giulia promised to overcome Fujimoto who she respects, so in order to do that she started on the road of vanquishing wrestlers who have similar careers to her. This is the path that leads to overthrowing Fujimoto, and by piling up victories Giulia hopes to change the outlook of the people around her. Furthermore, there is also a big goal that she has held since joining Ice Ribbon.

“I want to stand at the top of the world of joshi wrestling!”

In order to realise that goal, it’s not enough to overcome Tsukasa Fujimoto, the “last Joshi Grand Prize winner of the Heisei Period.” Giulia will become a wrestler that also makes an impression of the fans of other promotions. Ice Ribbon needs to become even bigger. In order to do that she needs to show off even more spirited matches, and produce results. Media exposure that is broadcast on social media, business activities… there are lots of things Giulia has to do but, “I’ll do them! There are times when I’m tired, but I can keep going, it’s fine! I tell myself ‘I can do it!’ and it’s fine! (Haha)”

What is the image of someone at the top of the world of joshi wrestling? A very clear-cut answer comes back. “The main event at the Tokyo Dome! Who’s going to be there? Me of course!” All Japan Women used to run events at the Tokyo Dome. However, if you talk about current big Ice Ribbon events you think of Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium. And before that Ryogoku and the Budōkan. Tokyo Dome is the dream of a dream. But according to Giulia, “If I say it then we have to do it don’t we? You might think I’m stupid, but I’m making a promise. In the Reiwa period Ice Ribbon will run the Tokyo Dome!”

Whatever the situation she passionately and straightforwardly puts forth her real feelings. It’s certainly an absurd dream. However, when it comes to Giulia and leading people to her dream… Giulia, who promises to do that, is leading the way into the Reiwa period.

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